Vision, Mission & Objectives

Vision, Mission and Objectives of the College

A - College Vision
The Faculty of Specific Education works to graduate a distinguished graduate who can meet the requirements of the labor market locally, regionally or internationally, and excellence in scientific research. The College also works to consolidate the educational, cultural and scientific role to achieve sustainable development and community service.
It is also working to achieve a distinguished scientific position in light of the comprehensive quality standards, especially in the areas of education development and the promotion of community services through various activities

B - College Mission
prepare a qualified academic and educational graduate who has the capacity and professionalism to create innovation, creativity, competition in the labor market and excellence in scientific research for effective community participation locally and regionally in light of the overall quality standards.

C. Objectives of the College

The College aims to achieve the following

1 - Prepare students in the bachelor's and graduate studies according to distinct plans in the light of recent global trends.
 2 - Contribute to the service of society in both government and civil through academic programs and community service programs.
 3 - The application of international quality standards in all aspects of the work in college to improve the outputs of the educational process.
4 - Developing scientific research to achieve different aspects of growth (economically, culturally, socially) in the light of societal values.
5 - Increase the use of modern technology to improve the level of educational process at all levels within the college.
6. Establish a system to monitor the quality of the proposed educational programs and ensure their continuation and review.