Acadimic Departments
dr waseif
Prof. Dr. Shams El-Din Shaheen, President of Port Said University, decided to appoint Prof. Mohamed Hussein Ibrahim, Professor of Art Education at the Faculty of Specific Education in Port Said as head of the Department of Art Education in the Faculty of Science, 1313)
The approval of the University of Port Said University on September 25, 2018 by Decree No. 1251 dated September 27, 2018 on the grant of Mr. / Osama Al Sayed Al-Assi Assistant Professor, Department of Art Education, Faculty of Specific Education, Port Said Scientific title for the function of a professor of specialization "drawing and photography" in the same Department and Faculty

On September 25, 2018, the Council of Port Said University approved the appointment of Dr. Mariam Mokhtar Mohamed Tarabili, assistant teacher at the Department of Educational Technology and Computer Teacher at the Faculty of Specific Education, Port Said, as a lecturer in the same department and Faculty.