The first meeting of the new administrative structure of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit was held on Monday, November 5, 2018 at the Unit headquarters at the Faculty of Specific Education at 10:30.
The meeting was moderated by Dr. Bassi Ghandar, Director of the Quality Unit at the College, in the presence of Dr. Iman Rakha Deputy Director of the Unit The meeting was attended by the coordinators of the scientific departments, including Dr. Mohammed Al-Saadani, d. Said Barghout, d. Ahmed Al-Amiri, d. Reham Al Naqib, Dr. Heba Nasr, Training and Awareness Committee. Esraa Al-Atrabi, Eng. Samar Al-Makkawi, Eng. Rehab Hegazy, Eng. Abdul Aziz Maysara on the Standards Committee and the administrative structure of the unit a. Sahar Abdel Moneim Secretary Unit, a. Mohamed Bayaa statistical analysis unit.

To discuss the various points of the agenda, including the selection of members of the sub-committees, the scheduling of interviews of the chairmen of the sub-committees, follow-up compilation of updating the descriptions of courses and matrix of the decisions and programs, and update and prepare the vision and mission and objectives of the faculty, the unit and scientific sections in line with modern trends in education and scientific research and community service General and teacher special preparation. In addition to preparing the internal regulations of the quality and accreditation unit.
During the meeting, they discussed the preparation of the questionnaire distributed by the concerned parties on the vision and mission of the faculty, as well as measuring the satisfaction of students in the faculty,