Student and Academics

Under the auspices of. Dr. Shamseddin Shaheen and Supervisors. Dr. Mahmoud Mahsab, Dean of the College, Tareq Al-Jabrouni, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Guidance and Implementation of the Family of Youth Welfare, headed by Dr. Waleed Hamza, Captain Moataz Al-Saifi, students and students. Dr. Mohammed Al-Ashi, held on Tuesday, 2019/3/12, a celebration of our sons and daughters with special needs blind and visually impaired from Al Noor School .. The students of the College participating in the ceremony gave gifts to students and students of the school of light and shared a simple breakfast with them. Musical music also participated students in the opening reading the Koran pupil: Muhanad Rami and musical notes for the pupil: Yara Hassan